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How to increase traffic website or Personal Blog

How to increase traffic website or Personal Blog

These tips explain to your blog or website has a number of visits to hundreds of thousands with the number of page views to millions.

1. For personal website or personal blog :

* Create a business card as usual only now completed the blog and website address, and then distributed to all contacts.

* Individual are encouraged to visit our website, and the commentator (mark already visited) give such a gift of candy or pennies.

* If there is little time and money, try my friend to make a sticker contain the website address and paste it in every public transportation vehicle, as is done by

* Buddy can also make a shirt or jacket, attach the banner logo blogger or website address, and then used for the streets (blog walking) in the market, supermarkets, malls etc.

2. For web professionals to support business or business purposes:

* Hold a contest seo, as is done by Faceblog with keyword Indonesian Blogger Community

* Automatically many web owners or bloggers to visit the site contest organizers to find information on procedures for contest rules.

* Bloggers or website owners would try to make a post with the title Community Blogger Indonesia and provide a link that redirected to the website seo contest organizers and hope are on the google search engine which acts as a referee.

Thus, little tips from me, if something is missing please add comment box.
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